Interested in joining the Boise Figure Skating Club?


Please review our membership benefits, requirements, and options below before submitting your application. Feel free to contact one of our Board Members with any questions or concerns. 


All BFSC Memberships must be renewed annually by July 1st. BFSC Memberships are not prorated.

Membership Benefits

Members of BFSC are full-fledged members of U.S. Figure Skating
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Members of U.S. Figure Skating have the ability to do the following:

  • Test at U.S. Figure Skating-sponsored test sessions 

  • Compete at U.S. Figure Skating-sanctioned events

  • Participate in U.S. Figure Skating qualifying events 

  • Represent your club at regional, sectional and national events

  • Participate in all sanctioned events events

Members of U.S. Figure Skating also receive the following benefits:

  • Certificates of accomplishment for passing proficiency tests and placing at U.S. Figure Skating qualifying events (athletes)

  • Subscription to SKATING magazine

  • Individually numbered membership card

  • Coverage under U.S. Figure Skating's sports accident insurance policy

  • Special offers and discounts from U.S. Figure Skating corporate partners

Of course, being a member of U.S. Figure Skating also means you have the opportunity to become a member of the U.S. World or Olympic Figure Skating Team!

Members of BFSC have the following additional benefits
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  • Eligibility to participate in U.S. Figure Skating-sponsored test sessions hosted by BFSC

  • Eligibility to compete in the annual U.S. Figure Skating-sanctioned Boise Ice Classic

  • Eligibility to perform in the annual U.S. Figure Skating-sanctioned Ice Show hosted by BFSC

  • Eligibility to perform in BFSC spotlight exhibitions

  • Invitation to attend club socials, club ice, and fundraising events

  • Badge Awards for passing proficiency tests as a BFSC member at any test session

  • Free embroidery of BFSC logo and skater's name with purchase of a club jacket from McU's Sports (Limit one per year)

  • Regular updates of upcoming competitions, performances, and events within BFSC as well as neighboring organizations

  • Potential for scholarship to cover entry fees of a BFSC skater who enters a qualifying competition (To be awarded/denied after review by BFSC Board)

Membership Requirements

U.S. Figure Skating Requirements
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  • Reside within the Northwest Pacific Region area (Idaho, Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming)

  • Skate 75% of the time at the Boise Figure Skating Club home rink (Idaho IceWorld)

Boise Figure Skating Club Requirements
Boise Figure Skating Club.png
  • Complete the Membership Application (Must sign all included forms to be valid) 

  • Send Membership Application and payment to the provided address

  • Volunteer at the Boise Ice Classic and a minimum of one additional Boise Figure Skating Club sponsored event each year (May be you or a representative)

Membership Options

New Member
  • First-time member of BFSC

  • Full Member of BFSC

  • Receives all benefits of U.S. Figure Skating and Boise Figure Skating Club

  • New member must not be a previous member of the Boise Figure Skating Club or any other USFSA club

Full Member (Renewing)
  • Previous member of BFSC

  • Full Member of BFSC

  • Receives all benefits of U.S. Figure Skating and Boise Figure Skating Club

Subsequent Family Member
  • Additional family member of a current BFSC member  

  • Full Member of BFSC

  • Receives all benefits of U.S. Figure Skating and Boise Figure Skating Club

Associate Member
  • Supporting Member of BFSC

  • For those whose home club is a club other than Boise Figure Skating Club

Collegiate Member
  • Four-year full membership at a reduced rate for college-aged members

  • Receives all benefits of U.S. Figure Skating and Boise Figure Skating Club

  • All skating privileges apply for the four-year duration

  • Each athlete may receive this option only once during their entire skating career

  • May register any time while in college; good for a consecutive four-year period 

  • Submission of college transcripts not required