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About Us

Founded in 2000, the Boise Figure Skating Club is a non-profit organization working to foster amateur figure skating in the Boise, Idaho area. 

Ran strictly by volunteers, the Boise Figure Skating Club (BFSC) is directed by a board of elected officials and governed by organizational bylaws that are consistent with the rules, policies, procedures, code of conduct, and principles of ethical behavior of U.S. Figure Skating. 

The Boise Figure Skating Club hosts several U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events annually. The Boise Ice Classic is a non-qualifying basic skills competition held to promote amateur competition in figure skating. BFSC also hosts test sessions to promote advancement in the sport. Other events such as the annual Ice Show and spotlight exhibitions are also hosted to promote the development of performance and artistry in BFSC skaters.


The Boise Figure Skating Club has a close working relationship with Idaho IceWorld, a City of Boise Parks & Recreation Facility and BFSC's home rink. Idaho IceWorld offers several programs and opportunities for advancement in amateur figure skating such as Learn-To-Skate, Public Skating, and Freestyle Skating Sessions. We ask that BFSC members are familiar with and respect Idaho IceWorld's policies and procedures when utilizing the facility and its resources.


Our mission is to foster amateur competition in figure skating and to promote the advancement of figure skating in the Boise community and surrounding areas. Our goal is to represent skaters and their parents within the rules and bylaws of U.S. Figure Skating by encouraging the instruction, practice and advancement of skaters in all disciplines of figure skating. We encourage and cultivate a spirit of shared effort and accomplishment among figure skaters by providing a positive and healthy environment for skaters and their families. This is achieved by promoting and encouraging mental disciplines and physical well-being. We sponsor, produce or cooperate in the production of amateur ice carnivals and shows. In addition, we generally perform other acts as may be necessary, advisable, proper or incidental to the realization of the objectives and purposes of our club while carrying out the general policies of U.S. Figure Skating.

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