Boise Ice Classic

Welcome to the official page of the Annual Boise Ice Classic!

Sanctioned by US Figure Skating, the Boise Ice Classic is non-qualifying basic skills competition hosted by the Boise Figure Skating Club each April. The two day event is held at Boise Figure Skating Club's home rink, Idaho IceWorld, in Boise, ID.


Each year, the success of the Boise Ice Classic relies solely on volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact one of our Board Members.


Check back regularly for information on this year's event!


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First awarded in 2013, The Shauna Hill Artistry Award was founded in honor of Boise Figure Skating Club member, Shauna Hill. 


Shauna passed away after a tragic car accident in December of 2012. Known for her artistry and passion on the ice, the 16 year old served as a role model for many young skaters. Her optimisim and dedication led her to earn a Silver Medal in Moves In The Field, Bronze Medal in Freeskate, qualify for the 2011 US Figure Skating National Solo Ice Dancing Championships, and place at two Northwest Pacific Regional Championships. 


The Shauna Hill Artistry Award is presented each year at the Annual Boise Ice Classic competition. One skater from each level category (Pre-Preliminary and below, Preliminary through Pre-Juvenile, and Juvenile and above) is selected by the event judges based on their performance in a Showcase Dramatic event. These skaters are chosen for their excellence in artistry, freestyle skating, and representation of the spirit of figure skating. The recipients are each given a trophy sponsored by Shauna’s parents, Ted and Heidi Hill. Skaters awarded the previous year are not eligible for an award the following year. After the 2017 Boise Ice Classic, previously awarded skaters at any level may not receive the award again for three years.


Recipients of the Shauna Hill Artistry Award will be announced at the conclusion of the Boise Ice Classic.


Juvenile through Senior
Preliminary through Pre-Juvenile
Pre-Preliminary & Below

Henry Dingman McCall FSC (2021)

Julianna Galitz, Boise FSC (2019)

Chaney Kirkmire, Boise FSC (2018)

Andi Rados, Boise FSC (2017)

Julianna Galitz, Boise FSC (2016)

Andi Rados, Boise FSC (2015)

Hunter Berry, Boise FSC (2014)

Hunter Berry, Boise FSC (2013)

Jamie Hall Boise FSC (2021)

Seo Yeong, Boise FSC (2019)

Justine Lam, Boise FSC (2018)

Caden-Hunter Lorenzi, McCall FSC(2017)

Kiki Eckhart, McCall FSC (2016)

Chaney Kirkmire, Boise FSC (2015)

Kiki Eckhart, McCall FSC (2014)

Kiki Eckhart, McCall FSC (2013)

Elizabeth Montgomery Boise FSC (2021)

Faith Holden, Boise FSC (2019)

Yeva Zimmers, Bozeman FSC(2018)

Lexi Smith, Boise FSC(2017)

Van Garatti, Boise FSC (2016)

Roxy Thompson, Boise FSC (2015)

Ethan Redford, Boise FSC (2014)

In 2013, the Artistry Award was presented to skaters in only two level categories. In 2014, the award was expanded to cover three level categories. At the 2015 Boise Ice Classic, a new rule was put in place stating that a skater who had received the award the previous year was not eligible to be awarded the following year. At the 2017 Boise Ice Classic a new rule was announced stating that after the 2017 Boise Ice Classic skaters previously awarded at any level may not receive the award again for three years.